Saturday, August 25, 2007

ok, so apprently i suck at posting blogs. so im almost hitting the one year in county and this is my third post i believe, i swear things have been going on, im just to lazy to type it, besides most of the really fun stuff i usually dont remember anyways. but for that which i do, here goes... Barahona didnt quite work out, my shelter lost its funding and closed up shop. so after 2 weeks of doing absolutley nothing (i loved it), i went home to do a whole lotta eating and gained 11 pounds. i dont think i look like a crack head anymore (thanks jolly, ant, neeks, jason, you A holes!) anyways i got back on friday, and was welcomed back vary appropriettly by me nearest and dearest. i put off moving to my site til weds, i went to see the president at a high school inauguration. (i didnt get to meet him) so my new home is awsome, im living it campo style, rats bugs, mud, i even have a latrine. im finally getting peace corps with it. im only an hour outise the capital which is very convenient. im back with a host mom so ill prolly conitnue the weight gaining process begun in the states. im still working in a shelter only a much more organized better funded one. the kids are younger (9-14) and are so much fun to work with. my job is to teach and i absolutely love it. im going to be working closely with the school and getting these kids caught up. i also got a youth group, they happened to form right as i moved in so i jumped in, and im also working on getting a girls group going, again also kinda forming as i got there. i really got lucky and landed in a sweet spot.
i havent been in my site too much yet, since we did a retreat and then the hurricane hit and all the PCVs were forced to consolidate (25 pcv's stuck in ahotel for 2 days.. see what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real) so no routine has been established yet, but it looks like ill be working from 9-2 iish then youth group stuff in the afternoon. i havent had any routine since i got here so im really looking forward to some kind of sanity. im afraid i may not remember what thats like.
ok well enough bloggin for me, hope all is well in the sane world.

josh how was santa cruz... you dirty hippie.

vero keep running.

danny keep drinking.

nessa keep being crazy.

everyone else i love ya a bunch and miss ya.

oh yea, samantha good job on that award at school and not getting you name on the board, i love you and miss you the most.

love enrique